Share a window into your availabilities. Connect calendars to find the best time for everybody.

Foogi works with all calendars (Google, Outlook, iCloud) to schedule your meetings with one email.

When you are available to meet?

Set your availability window. Select the days and hours you are willing to meet during the week and select a time frame for when you would like the meeting to take place.

How flexible are you?

Set your flexibility. You can say whether you are willing to shuffle around your schedule for this meeting, if you are willing to let them chose the location or dictate the duration of the meeting.


Suggest a time

Share real time availabilities within your availability window and suggest a time for a meeting.

Invitee see real time availabilities

Your invitee can view only the free times that you have shared in your availability window. As your calendar fills up those spots disappear.


Invitee see their own calendar

Your invitee can connect their calendar, so they can quickly and easily compare their calendar with your availability window, to find the time that suits them best and secure your meeting.

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Complete Privacy

Your calendar data is safe and secure. Foogi will never disclose any of your meeting details to anyone. Only your free times will be shared and only with the person that you want to meet with.

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Simple Timezones

Foogi works across timezones, so scheduling that international call is painless. You won't have to work out the time difference and worry if the meeting is at a suitable time, Foogi does all that thinking for you.

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Location Aware

Travel times are calculated and taken into consideration when determining the best time for your meeting. Don't get booked for a meeting across town if you can't make it.

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Connect Any Calendar

Gmail, Outlook, Exchange, Office 365 or iCloud, no matter which calendar you use, connect it to Foogi in seconds. We don't replace your calendar, so there is no need to transfer your existing events, just sign in, connect and start scheduling in seconds.